Dentec Freight Forwarding Private Limited

Dentec Freight Forwarding Private Limited is a 100% black owned freight forwarding company and it has level 1 B-BBEE status. Dentec Private Limited is a privately owned with no outside shareholding and focuses on providing services only to freight forwarding, Customs Clearing, Air and Ocean Exports, Transport and customs brokerage.

We provide Customs Clearing for all imports and exports and provide full document control to ensure all Customs and SARS requirements are met, as well as an effective and reliable network in place which will alleviate any delays or penalties with customs.


We have a steadfast vision for our business to always be class leaders and pursue this with passion and commitment.


Our goals drive us forward to innovate and find better solutions to our client’s diverse challenges and keep our team of highly qualified employees motivated and striving to consistently improve their service levels.


For us it is always about how it gets there that makes the difference. We make sure to have a finger on the pulse at all times